New Blackjack Method

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New Blackjack Method

He sees that the cards preceding his hit card are high cards. He follows hit card strategy and stands with his 15 against 9 up card to avoid a probable bust deviating from Basic Strategy in the process. He makes the hit card assumption for the same “more often than not” reason. Suppose “often” means 64% of the time, which is obviously more often than not. Not really, because he should be more than roughly 67.4% often in this scenario to deviate from Basic Strategy.

Another difference between Atlantic City and Vegas Strip blackjack is that you are given the late surrender option, which allows you to quit the hand and recoup 50% of your original bet. There are a number of different variations which have each originated from different parts of the world. E. Clifton Davis and his “New Blackjack Method” are completely ignorant about their hole and hit card strategies reading accuracy. They are completely ignorant about the required minimal accuracy of the hole and hit card reading necessary for deviation from Basic Strategy. In result the decisions to deviate from Basic Strategy recommendations, which are presented in the “New Blackjack Method” ’s playing strategy will be nothing more than wild guesses. Sometimes a player will be correct with his deviations and sometimes he will be wrong.

Overall there won’t be any improvement in expectation over Basic Strategy. A player will be better off by playing Basic Strategy. The same requirement of precision applies to the hit card strategy.

Usually very limited bankroll of a statistically average card counter was no help either. It could not withstand huge bankroll fluctuations caused by gigantic bet spreads required by a theoretical card counting. Huge bets were made on the positive counts which characterized only the relative densities of high and low cards in the vast mass of the cards in “the rest of the deck”. These counts don’t give any guaranties on the proportion of high and low cards in the next round and even in the next few rounds

Suppose a “New Blackjack Method” player can not draw a conclusion about a hole card. Then he relies on a hit card reading (prediction, anticipation etc…).

Betting strategies work a little differently than in-game strategies. Instead of telling you when to hit or double down or take another action, betting strategies are meant to help you decide how much to bet on each hand. Use them in conjunction with basic strategy to help maximize your chances at a win. Soft hands of 18 or lower, meaning an ace and a card seven or lower, should be doubled versus a dealer’s five or six. Soft should be doubled against a four, while a soft 17 and 18 should be doubled against a dealer’s three through six. Remember that a “soft” hand is a hand that includes an ace, which can be counted as either a one or an 11. From there, hit until your hand totals 17 if the dealer’s upcard is a seven or higher.

Standing with a hit card reading (prediction, anticipation etc…) accuracy of 64% will lower a player’s expectation by -0.04 in comparison with the Basic Strategy hitting decision. The fundamental assumption of the “New Blackjack Method” is the assumption of the non-random cards. Since Basic Strategy and card counting both have their playing decisions calculated on the basis of random cards, their inefficiency against modern shoe games should be obvious and expected.

That inherent imprecision of card counting often led to the loss of the huge bets resulting in a losing session and a loss of a big portion of a player’s bankroll. Few lost sessions and the whole bankroll of an undercapitalized player was gone kicking a player out of the game for good. Both games–one single-player and one multiplayer–help you familiarize yourself with the game. You can learn about the actions players can take, hone betting strategies, and generally get a feel for the game without risking any real money. Instead of prohibiting card counting, most casinos will put measures in place to make it more difficult, such as adding more decks to their blackjack games or shuffling frequently.

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